Vacant or Model Home Staging

Staging a vacant home allows the potential buyer to formulate a visual connection to the home via the online photo presentation. Placing furniture, rugs, wall art and accessories in a home allows the camera to actually have something to focus on, which in turn shows the room to scale.

What follows, is the buyer then begins to connect emotionally to the home giving them the desire to want to see it in person.

What can you expect from Staging a vacant home?

The process begins with the initial walkthrough of the home from our team. We are assessing what we feel each room needs in order to capture the function of that room as well as how we will showcase the rooms features or downplay its flaws. We simply create a list of furnishings by room that will then be used to provide the staging quote.

Not ALL rooms in a home need to be staged. We typically stage the main living spaces and the master bedroom as well as accessorize all bathrooms. If there is a special room such as a sunroom or office we will usually advise staging that area, since it is a beneficial room in the home.

From the room by room list of furnishings the quote is calculated. All furniture, rugs, etc. have a fixed monthly rental fee, pieces are simply totaled and that number is the monthly rental fee by room. Then labor is calculated. Labor starts when my team and movers begins to select, pull, pack and wrap, load, deliver, unload and stage, as well as project pick up.

***All project quotes located outside the greater Portland will be charged based on location. This fee covers travel and time. Should the project proceed to be staged the fee will be deducted from the initial invoice.