Elizabeth Polansky, Owner and Founder

Elizabeth has held a passion for all things design since she was a young woman. Her career began in her teenage years working in a small women’s clothing boutique. From 1981 forward she managed high end retail jewelry stores in New Jersey and Philadelphia, with her passion for design and
merchandising steadily growing.

In 2000, two short years after moving to Maine, Elizabeth decided to pursue her dream career of interior design. Starting off small she established a plan to offer affordable interior decorating services to busy professionals, aiding in making their homes beautiful, comfortable and inviting. Elizabeth has a passion and talent for working in customer service and takes pride in her ability to connect with those she works with. Her main goal is to make sure her clients are satisfied with the work she has done, making their home truly reflect who they are!

As her interior decorating business bloomed, Elizabeth found an interest in real estate home staging. After becoming aware of the process, she quickly began preparing her business to offer staging services.

In 2004 The Styled Home became the first company to offer Staging in the Portland, Maine area. Through connecting with local realtors, Elizabeth was able to grow her business into what it is today, The Styled Home!

As her business grew, so did the need to acquire warehouse space to house their staging inventory. In 2012 they moved into their first warehouse space of 2000 sq. ft. By 2017 they had moved their warehouse twice and were ready to make our third move, into our current 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

In 2018 she had the opportunity to collaborate with the owner of UpScale Furniture and Consignment, opening her retail division “The Styled Home by UpScale”. Her showroom offers for sale retired staging furniture, new products as well as selective consignment pieces.

Elizabeth Polansky

Elizabeth Polansky

Owner and Founder


Maria joined The Styled Home in August 2018, after she and her husband sold their furniture company, Upscale Furniture & Consignment. Her role in that company was furniture buyer, store designer & office manager. Maria now brings these valuable skills to The Styled Home. Where she manages our new retail showroom division, The Styled Home by UpScale, is the company’s operation manager, administrative assistant and right hand to Elizabeth and works on all design projects and staging projects.

Holly was the first to join the team in June of 2014 where she was Elizabeth’s right hand during the growth of the company. She is a viable part of the day to day workings of TSH. She heads our design team, leads our team on all staging projects, color consultations and design client projects as well as being our “fix it” goto person. Holly also assists in training our new team members on our process of Staging..

Beth joined the team in the spring of 2015 when we were growing by leaps and bounds. Beth has proven to be such an important piece of our staging and design team. Beth’s incredible eye for accessorizing has allowed her to guide and teach our newer team members on how to visually balance each room and space through accessory placement. Beth’s eye for color also adds so much value to our design team.

Heather joined as well in the spring of 2015. Heather is our logistical person. She assesses all staging projects as to what size furniture will or won’t fit through doorways and upstairs. Her eye for spatial planning and visual balance is amazing. As one of our lead designers, Heather also has an eye for color. Taking in every aspect of a room when she’s selecting wall colors, our clients have never been disappointed with her selections.

Emily joined the team of TSH when she helped us move into our new warehouse in 2017. Knowing she would become a valuable addition to the team she quickly fit right in. Emily brings many aspects to the team from her organizational skills, to her ability to analyze a space knowing what needs to be done as well as being our Go-To floral designer on our projects. Emily also oversees our de-staging projects, enjoys working on owner occupied staging projects as well as works on our new staging projects

Sarah joined the team of TSH when we were moving into our new warehouse in 2017. Her enthusiasm and get it done attitude was all we needed to ask her to join our team. Sarah has become a viable part of our team with her incredible organizational skills maintaining order to our busy warehouse, overseeing de-staging projects as well as assisting on our new staging projects.

Wendy joined the Styled Home in 2017 with the move into our new warehouse. After working with her and seeing her potential and what she could bring to our team we knew we needed her. Wendy quickly learned the process of staging and brings her creativity to our team on every project. Wendy assists in staging, de-staging projects and maintaining our warehouse; her favorite part of the job is working with the talented and creative women of the Styled Home.

Kellie as well joined our team in 2017 during our big move. Kellie has grown into such a valuable team member. Her original fears of not knowing interior design or decorating quickly faded, she now brings her confidence and skills to our team. Kellie also enjoys de-staging homes and assisting in new staging projects.