Staging Proposal

A staging proposal is an invaluable tool that walks the homeowner through the process of preparing their home to be sold.

When a homeowner makes the decision to sell their home it now becomes a marketable item. In order to achieve the best and highest price possible for a home in many and most cases some changes and updates need to be made. As the Realtor, delivering that message to your client sometimes is not well received. But when it comes from an experienced Stager, the message tends to carry more weight in the homeowners eyes!

What can you expect from this appointment?

The appointment typically takes 1-1.5 Hrs depending on the size of the home. We start at the front door verbally discussing with the homeowner what we feel should be addressed prior to listing. As we work our way through the home room by room we’re assessing everything through the eyes of the potential buyer as well as through the lens of the camera. Wall colors are assessed, condition of trim paint, ceiling cracks or staining. The condition of carpet, is it worn and stained? Outdated light fixtures, excessive clutter, excessive furniture, not enough furniture. Cleanliness, orders from smoking or pets, any type of visual deferred maintenance. Bathrooms, the overall condition of tile and grout, are they outdated in style or color. Kitchen: condition of appliances, flooring and countertops. We look at everything!

We are addressing anything that could potentially “turn off” a buyer or formulate a negative option that this home has not been well maintained or cared for! In most cases, the recommendations are cosmetic and quite affordably attainable. The Homeowner then receives a formal written proposal outlining everything that was discussed during the consultation.

The results of preparing a Home before that first professional picture is ever taken is a Win/Win for both homeowner and Realtor.